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Available for Sale in Malaysia 

Wondaleaf Cap is now available for sale in Malaysia, having obtained approval from the Malaysian Medical Device Authority. 

The Research is in

“This new design performed well compared to FC2 with lower condom clinical failure and higher acceptability and preference.”

What the Experts Think

  • "Wondaleaf may be the ideal contraception that can revolutionize sexual and reproductive health."

    Sabaratnam_Arulkumaran 2
    Professor Sir S Arulkumaran
    Past President, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, UK
  • "Wondaleaf is a significant improvement over the current barrier and other methods of contraception... This new product should make a positive impact on our needs for Malaysia and for other countries." 

    A Matthews
    Dato' Dr Alex Matthews
    Past President, Obstetric & Gynecological Society of Malaysia


A unisex, adhesive regional barrier condom


Impossibly Thin

At only 20μm, it is as thick as two red blood cells.

Regional Protection

Protecting the whole groin area from fluid & contact.


Wondaleaf may be thin, but it is strong and waterproof.

Wondaleaf Cap™

An ultrathin adhesive external condom 

Impossibly Thin


Erection Independent

It seals and covers the tip with an adhesive film.

Free Size

And it fits better than a glove.